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"Parents... Would You Like A Partner To Help Your Child To Develop Self Control, Discipline, Respect, Manners & Confidence?

...Or How About Learn How To Deal With Strangers Or What To Do In An Emergency?"
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All The Kids Are Involved ALL The Time, Developing Strong Life Skills, That Will Help Build Confidence . Children Will Learn How To Control Their Body, Focus Their Mind And How To Have Fun Safely
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Our Little Dragons Success For Life Little Dragons Bristol Karate classes have been created specifically for 4 to 6 year olds... 

All the kids are involved ALL the time, developing strong life skills, that will help them become more confident as they make their way in the world

In each and every class, children will learn how to control their body, focus their mind and how to have fun safely

We encourage the children to work as a team, to help each other and work as a team

We focus each class around helping the kids develop in the key areas of stranger awareness, motor skills, discipline, confidence, self esteem, positive attitude, coordination and fitness

With a new theme each week, your child will learn valuable life skills as well as have fun, keep active and develop motion skills and hand eye coordination

Right from the very first class in our Little Dragons Success For Life Bristol Karate classes, we set goals for the children... and show them how to work towards them. Achieving regular stepped goals makes them more determined to succeed

Each child is set a goal to achieve their first coloured belt after 2 months of classes. They then work up through the different colours until they reach their graduation 'camouflage' belt. They then graduate into our Junior Dragons Success For Life Karate Programme

This is a new training programme, with fresh challenges. They are then set a goal to reach the coveted 'black belt'. They understand that it takes hard work and dedication to attain the different belt levels along with time and patience. This teaches them the powerful life skill of setting a goal and working towards achieving it
At Bristol Martial Arts Academy, we teach children in bite size chunks. By working on one technique at a time, we help them to improve their focus and concentration

This gives them the chance to build and improve their focus over time, because they are not over loaded. Then as they progress with their training the longer they learn to focus on different techniques and training drills

Eventually, as they get better and better, they will be able to focus for the entire class on just one exercise or activity, and do it to the best of their ability... And they never get bored or start to drift, because our qualified certified black belt instructors are specially trained to get the best out of every child in every class

Teachers and Parents regularly comment on how this passes through into their home life and school work

Self-discipline is an important life skill that will not only make your child a stronger 
person, but also translates well into every area of their young life, including their 
school work. Time and time again, independent studies have demonstrated that kids who take part in regular martial arts classes, out performed their peers in school work

They were also more attentive, had better social skills, and had an easier time focusing 
in class. We teach the children that they must first have respect for themselves before they have respect for others

We work on building up the inner person as well as the outer... As you know, there will be times when you have to teach children how to handle the conflicts inside themselves, as well as the many conflicts that they may face in the big wide world

The main aim of each class is to provide a fun, energised learning experience that also gets your child not only exercising, but increases their flexibility and will strengthen and tone their growing muscles

And at the same time...

They will be having fun and learning powerful life skills that will stay with them all their life!
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Bristol Martial Arts Academy is also Nationally Affiliated Through The World Karate & Kickboxing Council, a respected national governing body of Martial Arts in the UK

As expected, we only use the very best equipment and teaching aids

Our instructors are not only fully qualified and nationally certified, they are DBS checked. As part of their ongoing training and development, they take part in various regular training events and seminars

Our accident record is excellent

We pride ourselves on having an excellent, clean accident record. All our expert instructors are fully trained and ensure that each class is controlled and run properly... Just as you expect

The whole idea and concept of our Little Dragons Bristol Karate classes is to use the classes as an educational learning experience for the children. We also place a huge emphasis on learning to treat others as they want to be treated themselves

Our Little Dragons Bristol Karate classes have broken the mould for young children's martial arts tuition. Each class offers an energised, fun learning experience for all the kids.Working on important life skills such as stranger awareness, positive attitude, confidence, coordination, discipline, self esteem, and fitness

We often find that kids who don't favour team sports can really do well in martial arts

Our Award Winning Little Dragons Bristol Karate Programme doesn't put pressure on the kids... 
We know that they all learn at their own pace and progress at different speeds. That's the nature of children in this age group

All the kids get loads of encouragement, no matter what their athletic ability

Martial arts is probably the most rewarding activity on the planet! This is because it offers a coloured belt system. Each child is excited and so happy every time that they gain a new belt ranking. They work hard each class to take another step forward to receiving their next belt

Little Dragons also receive encouragement stickers when they bring in each weeks homework for us to look at. They stick them onto their achievement chart and take it into school to show to their class once it has been completed each time
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