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Junior Dragons Karate 7-12 Years
"Parents... We Can Help Your Child Develop The Tools They Need For Success In Life, Such As...

Greater Fitness, Rock Solid Confidence, Have Better Personal Discipline & Respect, Improved Focus, Get Better Grades At School 
& Safety Awareness."
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3 Weeks Unlimited Karate Classes:
Our Certified Black Belt Coaches Are Specially Trained To Get The Very Best Out Of Every Child In Every Class. They Will Be Right By Your Child's Side From Their First Class
Free Karate Training Gloves:
Our Top Quality Gloves Provide Great Support For Your Child When Training. Free For Your Child With Their Trial (Value £30)
A Tried & Tested Formula:
The Main Goal Of Every Class Is To Help Each Child To Develop In Keys Areas Of Confidence, Self-Esteem, Fitness, Concentration & Self-Discipline
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Help Your Child Develop Unstoppable Confidence, Get Better Grades, Be Physically Fit & Socially Confident
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& Updated 

Over the years we have helped so many children improve their personal discipline, focus, respect and to understand the value of goal achievement. We believe that these are the most important life skills that your child will need to be successful in all areas of their lives

Our instructors are trained to earn the respect each child and always look for the positive to bring the best from the kids. As a result each child does not get bored or complacent and always pushes to do their best

Our Success For Life Bristol Karate classes not only teach punching and kicking... They help your child on the journey to reaching their true potential... And the best part, is seeing how proud their mum's and dad's were at each belt presentation, seeing their children changed for the better!

By the way... Some parents think that karate classes are full of boys, with not a lot of girls...

Karate is just as much for girls as it is for boys!
We teach the children in bite size chunks. By working on one technique at a time, they don't get overloaded. This helps them to improve their focus and concentration

As they progress with their training, they learn to focus on different techniques and training drills. Eventually, as they get better and better, they will be able to focus for the entire class on just one exercise or activity, and do it to the best of their ability...

And they never get bored or start to drift, because our qualified certified black belt instructors are specially trained to get the best out of every child in every class. Parents regularly comment on how this passes through into their home life and school work
Working towards goals starts right from the very first class. Every child is shown how to set goals and work towards them. Regular stepped goal achievement builds ambition in every child and makes them more determined to succeed

Our programme offers a coloured belt system where every child is set a goal to achieve their first coloured belt after 2 months and then work up through different colours until they reach their Black Belt and beyond
We focus on two primary areas to help build respect...

In order to teach them respect for others, we start by first teaching the children respect for themselves. There are times when you have to build up the inner person as well as the outer...

Times when you have to teach children how to handle the conflicts inside themselves, as well as the conflicts that they may face in the outside world
Self discipline is a life skill that translates well into every area of life, and school is no exception

Independent studies have shown that kids who took part in martial arts were found to perform better in school work, be more attentive, have better social skills, and have an easier time focusing in class
Our Success For Life Bristol Karate Programme will get your child in the best shape of their young lives

We'll increase their flexibility, strengthen and tone their muscles and give them greater endurance

All the while they are having fun and learning valuable life-skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives!

Hear what parents have to say...
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As you would expect, we only use the most professional equipment, including industry approved training and teaching aids to ensure that all the children learn and grow in a safe and productive environment

Bristol Martial Arts Academy is also Nationally Affiliated Through The World Karate & Kickboxing Council (WKC). A respected national governing body of Martial Arts in the UK

Our instructors are nationally certified and DBS checked. They also participate in numerous continuing education seminars throughout the year in order to bring fresh ideas and cutting edge instruction to our classes

Our energised and patient instructors love interacting with the kids and ensure that our classes are a fun learning experience

Through our affiliation with The World Karate & Kickboxing Council, they also keep up to date with the very latest teaching concepts

We pride ourselves on having a clean accident record. All our qualified and certified instructors ensure that our classes are a fun learning experience... EVERY time

From specially designed martial arts programmes, to industry approved training and teaching aids, to step by step instruction – all boxes are ticked when it comes to the safety of your child

The whole emphasis of our classes is to use karate as a tool for personal growth and development, and to learn to treat others as they want to be treated

Kids with behaviour problems often become very respectful and calm... Our Success For Life Karate programme is also a life skills programme

Our Children's Success For Life Karate Programme has won several national awards and our fully qualified instructors have been specifically trained to ensure that every child has a great time 
every class

Your child will learn and grow in a positive environment aimed at helping them develop in key areas such as confidence, self esteem, positive attitude, coordination, discipline, fitness, stranger awareness and self defence

The best part is no one sits on the bench. Everyone is included, developing terrific life skills that will make them not only a better person, but a healthier one as well

We often find that children who don't click with team sports do really well with martial arts... That’s because with our Children's Success For Life Karate Programme no pressure is put on them... Everybody goes at their own speed

Your child doesn't have to be athletic to do well, and advance in our programme. We give loads of encouragement to all our junior students irrespective of their athletic ability

Karate is one of the most rewarding activities for children to take part in

Our programme offers a coloured belt system where every child is set a goal to achieve their White Belt after four classes and they then work up through different colours until they reach their 
Black Belt and beyond

Along with our Black Belt Comic Series... We also have our very own achievement badge and motivational sticker rewards programme
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