Adults Bristol Kickboxing

"Our Muscle Toning Kickboxing 
Classes Will Make You Feel 
Knock Out Boredom 
& Blast Away Fat All Over Your Body... 
All This In 
Just A Few Weeks!"
"I moved house and changed jobs in the space of a few months. I was stressed out and over eating. My weight increased and I felt more and more frustrated and in need of a motivating workout.

Since starting Kickboxing, my life has changed dramatically...

I have made loads of new friends, and I have lost 2 stone and feel fantastic!

The classes have given me the confidence that I needed, and I would recommend it to anyone reading this, looking for a fun way to get in the best shape of your life."

“I got bored of gym workouts and really wasn't getting any results at all.

The great thing about the kickboxing classes is that we are 
all training together and it really does get you motivated, 
and helps you push yourself further than just training 
on your own.

...Without doubt, it has definitely been a great experience!”


Our classes use the same training format that pro kickboxers use to get in great shape - and we have made the same exercise routines available to ANYONE looking to burn fat and have a great body image...

EVERY class will give you an all round body workout second to none... And you will have a lots of fun while you punch and kick the fat right off your body!

The Workout...
Our Bristol Kickboxing classes will give you a full-body cardiovascular workout. According to "Fitness" magazine, a good kickboxing workout can burn up to 800 calories per hour, making it an ideal way to lose weight and eliminate stress
Each class is split into THREE sections...
1. Conditioning

This is the part where you get your blood flowing!
Each class starts with a burst of awesome exercises such as... lunges, crunchies, push-ups, squats, and burpies. You will get a fantastic workout for the whole body, burn calories and feel amazing!
2. Stretching

Once your muscles and body are warm, we move into the stretching 

As always, you can now have a drink and loosen your muscles
in preparation for the third section of the class...
3. Kickboxing

We start with upper body combinations to 
work your 
shoulders and triceps. We then hit those glutes and 
thighs with lower body combinations

Next, it's all about strengthening the core, 
chest, abs 
and glutes, with knockout hooks 
and plank work

You will also learn how to 'Slip Bob and Weave'
Then... Muay Thai Time! Elbows and knees strengthening your core and learning that up 
close self defence.

Next chop those thighs into shape with kicking drills and skills. Learn to push and strike, 
building power in 
your quads.

Last set - BEST SET! It's WAR, finish strong... It's freestyle time. Throw your favourite 
combinations, peppered 
with the thigh busting squat kick and then the grand finale... 
The Punch Out!
By mixing Boxing, Muay Thai and Karate skills and drills in each class, along 
with bag work. We create a perfect combination to help shape and tone your 
body and improve your speed, focus and mental agility.

Controlled stretching techniques will improve muscle performance and 
decrease injury 
risk. This also helps to reduce muscle soreness 
and stiffness.

You'll get an insane workout from head to toe, and burn more calories than 
you can 
count... AND learn vital self defence skills!
...and get your FREE muscle toning and fat melting tips!
I tried everything from acupuncture, right down to the latest piece of 'cutting 
edge' fitness equipment from the shopping channels on TV. 

I just wish that I had tried Kickboxing classes from the start, 
and I would have 
saved a lot of time and a LOT of money!

I started training, because my weight was beginning to seriously 
affect my 
health. I would get out of breath just walking up the 
stairs. Every class 
is different and everyone is so friendly. 
really made me feel very 
comfortable right from the start"

"I started training at 64 and have never had so much fun! I have always tried to look after my body, especially as I have got older.

So starting kickboxing I took it nice and steady... and to my surprise, I was able to pick up the moves really quickly.

I have lost about half a stone and I feel like I'm back in my twenties! I only wish that I had started sooner"

"I was just so busy with work that I never seemed to make the time to get to the gym.

The best thing for me, is that there is an actual class time that I have to make otherwise I miss the class! 

I have lost over a stone through kickboxing and now I never miss a workout - Sometimes we forget about the important things in life... I never want to let it slip again"

"Why should I choose Bristol Martial Arts Academy?"
Most Martial Arts classes are run in school halls and community centres. We have two fully equipped Martial Arts studios. As you would expect our facility is safe, clean, and uses only 
the most professional equipment, including Olympic quality training mats and industry 
approved training and teaching aids. 

We also have a large free secure car park.

Our programmes are run by trained expert instructors, who place a tremendous focus on the prevention of injuries. Because martial arts makes you more balanced, limber & flexible - it generally leads to LESS injury and stress in people's lives... Not the other way around!

"Are the instructors qualified?"

Our instructors are nationally certified and DBS (formally CRB) checked. They also participate 
in numerous continuing education seminars throughout the year in order to bring fresh ideas 
and cutting edge instruction to our classes.

Our energised and patient instructors ensure that our classes are a fun learning experience.

Bristol Martial Arts Academy is also Nationally Affiliated Through The World Karate & 
Kickboxing Council, a respected national governing body of Martial Arts in the UK.

"Do you have to be fit to participate in kickboxing classes?"

No you don't!! People come to our kick boxing classes to get themselves fit and back on 
track with their fitness goals. They quickly find that it really helps them to lose weight and 
feel fit and energised in no time! Don't worry if you are not in shape... Our classes are 
designed to be not only fun and energising, but also fat burning to get you in shape... FAST!

"I've heard that martial arts training is violent... Is this true?"

Absolutely not! Our Bristol Kick boxing classes are based around fun, enjoyment and 
becoming a better person, by getting your body back in balance and being proud of 
your body image.

"What type of classes are available?"

Most people go for our group classes, but we also can offer you a private class if required.

"Will there be other beginners in my class?"


"All I want to do is tone up, I'm not interested in fighting and doing tournaments... can you help?"

Yes we can! Our team of highly skilled and motivated instructors all share a genuine passion 
for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, and that includes helping you. 
There is absolutely NO requirement to do any sparring or attend any tournaments.

"How many times a week do you recommend?"

Most of our members start off coming once a week, but quickly step that up to twice a week or more when they see the huge benefits available. You will still achieve great results on once a week, but twice a week or more will get you there faster!
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