Adults Karate 13 yrs+

Bristol Martial Arts Academy, 252 Central Park, Off Petherton Road, Hengrove, Bristol, BS14 9BZ
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“If Your Looking To Learn Karate, Right Here in Bristol, and Have A Great Time Doing It... 
You’ve Come To The Right Place!”
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3 Weeks Unlimited Karate Classes:
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Free Karate Training Gloves:
These Are Our Official Training Gloves & Provide Great Support Whilst Training. Top Quality & Yours To Keep With Your Trial (Value £30)
A Tried & Tested Formula:
The core base of each class is Japanese Traditional Karate based around the karate styles Shotokan and Kyokushin. Defend yourself, develop core strength, stability and build power using 
hands, elbows, knees and kicks with our 
innovative karate skills and drills
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You Will Also Receive A FREE Copy Of:
101 Powerful Tips For A Fitter, Healthier You
By Bristol Martial Arts Academy
Founder & Chief Instructor
Sensei Chris Beaumont 6th Dan WKC

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We Split Each Class Each Into THREE Sections...
1. The Warm Up

You will now get your body ready to train with a flurry of different exercises

This is the part where you will get a great workout for your whole body, feel great and condition your body!
2. Flexibility

 Now you are warmed up, its time to work on your flexibility

Our experienced instructors will take you through a series of stretches which are designed to get you ready for the 3rd part of the class...
3. Karate
The core base of each class is Japanese Traditional Karate based around the karate styles Shotokan and Kyokushin

Here is a break down...
Japanese Traditional Karate 
Originally developed in the Ryukyu Islands, now known as Okinawa, Japan, 
and is based upon kicks, punches, and blocks, and also includes kata (pre-set patterns) practice which plays an important role in training

Defend yourself, develop core strength and stability and build power using 
hands, elbows, knees and kicks with our innovative Japanese Traditional 
Karate skills and drills

Freestyle Martial Arts
By adding Freestyle Martial Arts skills and drills to each class, the class 
becomes more energised and creative. This helps keep each class different 
and challenging, and as a result you will not only get in shape, but you will 
also build up your confidence and self esteem


By mixing Japanese Karate & Freestyle Martial Arts we create a perfect combination to give you a great karate class every time... You will not only 
learn traditional karate applications, but also learn modern freestyle karate 
skills and drills to enhance your training experience!

These are REAL karate classes taught by REAL karate Black Belt instructors



Each and every karate class contains everything you need to progress and achieve your training goals WITHOUT sparring and taking part in tournaments... Unless you want to!

Get Class Times, A Free Brochure & More Info About Your 3 Week Karate Trial... & Free Training Gloves By Entering Your Info Below:
 We Guarantee 100% Privacy
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"Why Bristol Martial Arts Academy?"

Instead of training in a school hall, community centre or church hall... Come and train in a purpose designed clean and safe Martial Arts studio. We have the latest training equipment 
and teaching aids, along with free car parking

"What qualifications do the instructors have?"

All our black belt professional instructors are DBS (formally CRB) checked and 
nationally certified

Bristol Martial Arts Academy is proud to be Nationally Affiliated To The World Karate & 
Kickboxing Council, a respected national governing body of Martial Arts in the UK

"Do I Have To Fit To Take Part?"

Not at all!
We have people from all walks of life in our classes. They come to us for many different 
reasons, whether that be to lose weight, meet new friends or just get out of the house and 
start a new exciting activity

"Is it right that karate is violent?"

All our Bristol karate classes are focused on giving everybody the opportunity to train, 
learn and grow in a fun and energised environment

"Do You Offer Different Types Of Classes?"

The majority of our members train in our group classes, but we also have personal training sessions available

"Do You Have Beginners In The Classes?"


"How Often Should I Come?"

Most people start on once a week and then step that up to two classes a week to achieve 
their training goals faster

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