About Us

Founder & Chief Instructor
Senior Sensei Chris Beaumont 6th Dan WKC

Senior Sensei Beaumont has gained black belts in a few different martial arts disciplines and is an award winning instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching Martial Arts, along with Traditional and Freestyle Weaponry in schools, colleges and community projects around the country

Bristol Martial Arts Academy was founded in 2001 and our award winning Karate and Kickboxing classes have provided a strong base to allow the academy to grow into a community strong hold, offering all our members, young and old, an empowering martial arts environment, teaching mind, body and spirit

After a successful tournament career, Senior Sensei Beaumont bowed out of the tournament arena in 2004, with silver medals in both Freestyle Continuous Sparring and Traditional Japanese Kata at the World Martial Arts Championships, Crystal Palace Arena, London.  

He continued his push for constant and never ending improvement by completing 5 fire walks - Walking bare foot over 12 feet of 1800 degree hot coals

He continues his C.P.D. (Continual Professional Development) by working closely with the best and cutting edge personal development  pioneers around and also training in martial arts with the best instructors in the world, to bring home the benefits to all academy members 
Award Winning Martial Arts Training Programmes

The martial arts styles taught at the academy are Umai Dragon Freestyle Kickboxing and Umai Dragon Freestyle Karate. Umai means 'Skillful' and 'Dragon emphasises 'Strength'

Fitness, Self Defence and Personal Development are the three components that make Bristol Martial Arts Academy a success. Our empowering team of qualified, caring instructors will build your confidence and self belief, and help you to succeed in any of 
our martial arts training programmes, and of course... have fun along the way!

We will get you get you in the best shape of your life!

Everyone trains at their own pace, but through instructor involvement, you push yourself harder than you ever thought you could. It is like having a Personal Coach in every class!

No matter what your ability, we guarantee you that you will be treated with common courtesy and recognition. We make the classes fun, so learning and getting in great shape is so much easier

We have specialised award winning martial arts classes for children. Our Little Dragons Success For Life Karate Classes for 4 to 6 year olds are specially designed, written and devised by Senior Sensei Chris Beaumont together with child psychologists, specifically for children in this age group, and is an ideal blend of Martial Arts, Life Skills and Safety Self Defence and Awareness Skills

In our Junior Dragons Success For Life Children's Karate or Kickboxing Classes for 7 to 12 year olds, the main goal of every class, is to help them develop in key areas of personal growth and development. This programme was again written and devised by Senior Sensei Chris Beaumont, together with child psychologists to offer all our junior members the very best training environment

For adults (13 yrs+) we have our Award Winning Bristol Kickboxing Fitness Programme... THE most exciting weight loss and fitness programme out there

Together with our award winning Traditional Bristol Karate Programme, all bases are covered when it comes to finding the perfect fit for you

For a special birthday party, we offer awesome martial arts themed parties that you will remember forever!

Our martial arts programmes are comprehensive and balanced and offer students the ability to not only live a happy, healthy, balanced life, but also learn technique, strength, confidence, and of course self-defence
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